March 7, 2021

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Amy Coney Barrett hearing: top Republican praises judge for being 'unashamedly pro-life' – live

Lindsey Graham lavishes praise on supreme court nominee Barrett dodges abortion and healthcare questions Trump...

8.38pm BST

Some non-hearing news: Trump is reportedly hoping to beat Joe Biden in the ratings game tomorrow, when the two presidential nominees will participate in dueling town halls.

The Daily Beast reports:

According to multiple sources familiar with the president’s thinking, Trump has told close associates that he wishes to counter-program the Biden town hall and score higher TV viewership numbers, and then use such a contrast in ratings to humiliate his Democratic opponent. Predictably, Trump also wants his 2020 team to make a big deal out of pushing out those numbers, should his hour’s ratings beat Biden’s 90-minute-long event.

‘He looks at this the same way he looks at attendance at his rallies versus the [turnout] Biden gets for his events,’ one of these people told The Daily Beast. ‘He obviously wants to blow Biden out of the water.’

So, @NBCNews is presenting a Trump town hall opposite a Biden town hall? Do I have that right? They are forcing audiences to choose which candidate to watch? Isn’t that serving Trump’s agenda? Couldn’t they have chosen a different time?

8.17pm BST

Okay, we are back to the hearing, with working microphones and everything. Republican Thom Tillis is now questioning Amy Coney Barrett.

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