April 19, 2021

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Australia coronavirus news live: RSL, restaurants and cricket ground added to Sydney Covid hotspots as Victoria records one new case

People who attended venues in Merrylands, Parramatta, Mays Hill and Pendle Hill urged to get...

People who attended venues in Merrylands, Parramatta, Mays Hill and Pendle Hill urged to get tested. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

10.06pm GMT

An emergency warning remains in place for some coastal communities north of Perth, where the out-of-control Red Gully bushfire has burned through more than 7,200 hectares.

Western Australian fire authorities have told residents of the Ocean Farms Estate near Lancelin, 130km north of Perth, that they will be impacted imminently by fire.

There’s a lot of bush around there, and we’re limited in our ability to fight the fire. We can use our, our aircraft but not much else.

So we’re not confident we can pull it up before it reaches Wedge Island by any means.

9.44pm GMT

Let’s go back to the Victorian border issue for a moment. As of yesterday, some 2,798 people had applied for an exemption to the hard border rules to get back into the state and just 57 had been approved.

Police have turned back 1,532 people trying to cross the border and issued 1,232 warnings and 50 fines to people accused of “checkpoint shopping”.

There is a tough exemption process to pick up those who are facing the hardest hardship.

But otherwise we’ve had to make this decision to protect what we’ve all built together. We don’t want to go backwards.

Why would my mother’s burial not be considered [as a compassionate case]? Even just to say to me, ‘Sorry, you don’t cut it.’

So I missed my mum’s burial – that’s horrid, I just don’t understand why – this must have been something that was foreseeable, that things could turn out this way and have the system in place. It’s just ridiculous.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be working the way it should. I mean, I was in Melbourne last Friday, and all of a sudden on Thursday, the borders just shut. I’ve been dealing with a constituent of mine. She’s a lovely lady, her and her husband, they’ve got a disabled child and they have another child with special needs. Far better to have this child, 11 year old, looked after at home rather than being stuck in the south coast of New South Wales.

So, I’m certainly going to be hitting the phones this morning to make sure that her exemption is sorted out. I would just like the department, just, let’s just get it done quickly. A whole lot of Victorians on holiday caught off guard. No chance to sort this out. We need now the administrative follow-up to help make sure that people are not stranded in some really tough circumstances like the lady I’m talking about.

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