March 8, 2021

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Australia news live: Covid restrictions in Sydney ease as plans for vaccine rollout detailed

Limits on gatherings lift and masks no longer required while shopping in Sydney as Victoria...

Limits on gatherings lift and masks no longer required while shopping in Sydney as Victoria set to ease travel restrictions with NSW. Follow updates live

10.21pm GMT

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has taken to Twitter to call on the federal government to “take greater responsibility for international quarantine”, saying federal funding is necessary to ensure more infectious strains of the virus do not escape in to the community.

It comes after a scare from the Queensland quarantine system, when a cleaner contracted the UK-strain of the virus and prompted a four-day lockdown.

One year ago today Queensland declared a public health emergency in response to COVID-19. #covid19

Just as we weren’t willing to take chances when we declared a public health emergency 12 months ago, we are not willing to take chances when it comes to keeping new and more infectious strains out of Queensland.

That’s why I am publicly calling on the prime minister to take greater responsibility for international quarantine.

With potentially another unpredictable year ahead of us, now is the time for the prime minister to step up to his responsibilities and put in place a well-funded, adequately resourced nationally-consistent international quarantine plan.

10.08pm GMT

The last car ever manufactured in Australia, a red Holden commodore which rolled off the line in 2017 while a crowd of Holden faithful watched beyond the factory gates, is up for auction.

Lloyds Auctions chief operations officer Lee Hames told Radio National the bidding has already reached five times the sticker price.

On face value it’s an ordinary 2017 VS series 2 that was produced in 217 in October. It is a red hot red and it retailed on the showroom floor depending on options for $50,000. What makes this vehicle special is it is the very last body that was every manufactured in Australia, the very last vin number, and the very last car painted… it is the very last car produced in Australia.

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