May 15, 2021

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Australia news live: Scott Morrison defends criminalising people who return from India; over-50s eligible for Covid vaccine

WA considers longer-term mask measures as contact tracers work through the movements of three men...

WA considers longer-term mask measures as contact tracers work through the movements of three men who tested positive for coronavirus in Perth on Saturday. Follow latest updates

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2.24am BST

Gosh, this press conference is confusing, but the crux of it is that Cook’s being asked why security guards were still patrolling floors where it was known there were two positive Covid-19 cases.


Because we maintain guards on floors where we do have positive cases, but we moved them away from the doors or the rooms associated with those positive cases.

How far away was the guard?

I don’t have that information. But obviously, that’s information we’ll get as a result of the inquiry…

It is time for N 95 masks?

It’s not… We have had advice from AHPPC that do not recommend N95 masks. For one to effectively wear N95 masks requires fit testing and an element of training.

It requires a person not to touch their face and not to be worn for a long period of time. So, security guards have shifts of 12 hours. You couldn’t use an N95 mask over that period.

2.19am BST

Cook has been asked if authorities know whether the traveller from the US and the travellers from Indonesia might have interacted and therefore transferred the virus.

I don’t have those details. My understanding is they arrived on the same day, and they were… on the same floor of the hotel. So, there’s – I guess, you can imagine, a couple of opportunities where it may have had the opportunity.

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