March 6, 2021

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Australian politics live: Morrison still in isolation as parliament returns for final 2020 sitting

PM remains at The Lodge after trip to Japan; pressure grows for tougher anti-corruption body;...

PM remains at The Lodge after trip to Japan; pressure grows for tougher anti-corruption body; 2020 emissions figures to be released; and office workers return in limited numbers in Melbourne. Follow all the latest updates

9.00pm GMT

Here is the Angus Taylor release on the latest greenhouse gases (it’s amazing how quickly the report came come out when its good news)

In 2019-20, emissions in the National Electricity Market (Australia’s largest electricity grid) fell 5.3 per cent, to a new record low. Australia has invested $30 billion in renewable energy since 2017 and continues to deploy new solar and wind ten times faster than the global average. Recent advice from the Clean Energy Regulator is that this trend is expected to continue in coming years.

Emissions from cropping and grazing have fallen by 69 per cent over the last three decades, from around 300 million tonnes per year in 1990 to around 92 million tonnes today. Changes in land management practices over the last decade have contributed to Australia’s forest cover increasing faster than any other OECD country over that period, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

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8.50pm GMT

The Greens are introducing a bill, in both chambers, to make parliament responsible for sending troops into war, not the government.

The defence amendment (parliamentary approval of overseas service) bill would mean members of the defence force may not serve beyond the territorial limits of Australia except when agreed to by a majority of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

A 2010 study by the Parliamentary Library found that nine of 13 European countries had similar powers to limit the military power of the executive branch of government, including Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sweden. The United States’ Congress has final say on deployment of the USAF.

The more the truth is revealed about what war actually involves, the more the public needs a say about whether to go to war in the first place,” said Mr Bandt.

We need open, honest and transparent debate about sending troops to war and keeping them there.

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