August 14, 2020

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Coronavirus live news: Spain reports biggest rise in daily infections since lockdown lifted in June

Spain reports 1,229 new infections on Thursday, France rules out full lockdown despite rise in cases; Japan sees record high for new cases for second day in a row

6.25pm BST

Zimbabwe’s agriculture minister Perrance Shiri died from the Covid-19 infection, becoming the first senior government official to succumb to the pandemic, the president Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Thursday.

Shiri, a retired general who helped plot a coup that ousted Robert Mugabe in 2017, died on Wednesday. The late liberation war veteran was declared a national hero and will be buried on Friday during a closed ceremony.

6.06pm BST

Young Germans partying abroad on Europe’s beaches and ignoring physical distancing rules are becoming an increasing cause of concern at home, as coronavirus cases continue to rise across the world.

Following widespread reports earlier this month of German tourists revelling on the Spanish island of Mallorca, bars and clubs on the infamous “Bier Straße” were forced by local authorities to close.

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