April 20, 2021

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'Easily, provably false': Georgia elections official refutes Trump's baseless claims of fraud – live

Gabriel Sterling condemns Trump for undermining faith in system Democrats ask FBI investigate Trump’s Georgia...

9.57pm GMT

Biden in Georgia: Elect Democrats to approve $2k stimulus checks

This is Lois Beckett, picking up our live US politics coverage from our West Coast bureau in Los Angeles.

Biden talks about $2,000 stimulus checks and urges Georgians to vote tomorrow, saying the “power is literally in your hands” to make them happen by electing Ossoff and Warnock

Joe Biden speaking in Georgia says electing Ossoff and Warnock “will put an end to the block in Washington on that $2,000 stimulus check. That money will go out the door immediately to help people in real trouble. Think about what it will mean to your lives.”

9.30pm GMT

That’s it from me today. My west coast colleague, Lois Beckett, will take over the blog for the next few hours.

Here’s where the day stands so far:

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