April 19, 2021

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House Democrats move toward impeachment as Biden says 'Trump should not be in office' – live

Trump set to become first US president to be impeached twice Biden: ‘Trump should not...

9.53pm GMT

After the president incited militant supporters to breach the US Capitol building, leading to five deaths, and persistently tried to undermine the integrity of an election he lost, 73% of Republican voters who participated in the latest Quinnipiac poll still said that Donald Trump was protecting rather than undermining democracy.

In a poll of 1,239 self-identified registered voters, 70% of the Republicans also said that lawmakers. who voted to block electors were protecting rather than undermining democracy. Seventy-three percent of Republican voters said voter fraud was widespread, and 71% approved of Trump.

9.33pm GMT

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Here’s where the day stands so far:

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