May 18, 2021

Manly Quarantine

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Pelosi says lawmakers may be prosecuted if they 'aided and abetted' US Capitol riot – live

Biden on pandemic: Things will get worse before they get better’ DoJ inspector general also...

10.18pm GMT

Under the Biden plan, pharmacies would also be “activated” to distribute vaccines through appointments. That prompted CVS, one of the largest chains in the country, to say it was ready to distribute 1 million shots per day through 10,000 locations. Biden also said states would have more transparent tools to plan for the number of doses to be delivered.

Biden’s administration also needs to approve new vaccines to solve supply shortages, and improve supply chains for the personal protective equipment health workers need to safely do their jobs. Gloves, for example, have been in short supply for months.

10.16pm GMT

To successfully roll out the most complex and logistically challenging vaccine campaign in the nation’s history, Biden’s administration seeks to confront vaccine hesitancy, a burned-out workforce, a lack of clear information on vaccine distribution and vaccine demand that far outstrips supply.

“Get more people vaccinated for free,” said Biden, listing his goals. “Create more places for them to get vaccinated. Mobilize more medical teams to get shots in people’s arms. Increase supply and get it out the door as soon as possible.”

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