May 17, 2021

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Trump plans to declare victory before election is called, report says – live updates

President visits Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida Biden targets Pennsylvania, Harris will be...

8.09pm GMT

More on the effort by some Republicans in Texas to void more than 100,000 votes which have been cast in Harris County. A state court denied the challenge, which is also being heard in federal court.

The Republicans are arguing the votes should not count in the election because they were cast at drive-thru polling stations. Buzzfeed’s Molly Hensley-Clancy visited one of these polling sites yesterday and said officials were surprised by the legal challenge because Republicans had been involved in the conception and design of the drive-thrus:

A Harris County official told me they were “surprised” to find Republicans suing over the centers bc the party had been consulted extensively in their conception & design. See that fan? It’s there because Republicans asked for them, to prevent carbon monoxide buildup

7.50pm GMT

A controversial member of Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force, Scott Atlas, apologized this morning for doing an interview with a news outlet registered as an agent of a foreign government in the US, RT.

RT has close ties to the Russian government and is seen by some as Russian propaganda. The former CIA director, James Clapper, called it: “a mouthpiece of Russian governmental propaganda.”

I recently did an interview with RT and was unaware they are a registered foreign agent. I regret doing the interview and apologize for allowing myself to be taken advantage of. I especially apologize to the national security community who is working hard to defend us.

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