February 25, 2021

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Trump under growing pressure to accept election defeat – US politics live

Biden’s lead over Trump in the popular vote surpasses 5m ‘An embarrassment’: Biden criticizes Trump’s...

8.30pm GMT

Some states have already certified their 2020 election results, with president-elect Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware becoming the first to finalize its results.

The first state to certify its 2020 election results? Delaware:

Biden 296,268 (58.7%)
Trump 200,603 (39.8%)

That’s a 7.6 point margin swing against Trump and a 14.2 percent increase in votes cast vs. 2016. https://t.co/9dMmSHHdVa?

8.17pm GMT

The Guardian’s Sam Levine answers the question so many are asking: can Donald Trump actually stage a coup and stay in office for a second term?

Not really. The electoral college meets on 14 December to cast its vote for president and nearly every state uses the statewide popular vote to allocate its electors. Joe Biden is projected to win far more than the 270 electoral votes he needs to become president. His victory doesn’t hinge on one state and he has likely insurmountable leads in Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

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