May 9, 2021

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UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson admits government could have handled crisis differently in early months

PM says government did not understand Covid-19 in early weeks; UK death toll rises by...

PM says government did not understand Covid-19 in early weeks; UK death toll rises by 138 to 45,677; ONS figures suggest cases in England stable or possibly rising

6.17pm BST

University students returning home at the end of term could risk the spread of coronavirus across the country if there are outbreaks on campus, government scientific advisers have warned.

Students who go home after falling ill with Covid-19 to avoid having to quarantine alone could also create an “issue” when British universities reopen their campuses in September, they say.

If there is an outbreak at a university (even if not widespread transmission), then students returning home could pose a risk for spread across the UK.

This will be further exacerbated if people return infected but asymptomatic. Students are also more likely to be integrated with the wider community at their home address.

5.54pm BST

The deputy artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company has warned that the theatre world will become unable to support diverse communities if “the pain continues”.

Erica Whyman said there was “real risk” many theatre companies could close for a substantial length of time if they were not able to reopen before Christmas. She warned that young actors and those from diverse backgrounds would suffer most from the impact of theatre closures, especially in the regions.

I think some we won’t see recover, that has to be said out loud.

There will be some that cannot find their way back from that crisis, because if they can’t get back open by Christmas that’s getting on for nine months they will be closed, and they will have lost the income from that critical Christmas period.

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In the main we are charities – not all of us, some of us are in the commercial sector – but most of us are charities. We are driven by a mission to share theatre and theatre-making with the widest possible community. And we just won’t be fit to do that if the pain continues.

Younger generations in the main who are more diverse in a number of ways, in their socioeconomic background, ethnic background, artists who identify as deaf or disabled.

We have seen many more people come into the performing arts in the last decade and that has been a very good thing. And we know from research we have already conducted that they are the most likely to leave, to not feel they can stick out in this kind of economic climate.

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We were very glad and relieved to hear about the package of money that will be distributed to the performing arts but at this moment it’s really important to say we still don’t know when that will be.

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