April 21, 2021

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UK coronavirus live: Chris Whitty says social distancing should continue 'for a long period'

Patrick Vallance warns of ‘very high probability’ of second wave; PM unveils plan to return...

Patrick Vallance warns of ‘very high probability’ of second wave; PM unveils plan to return England ‘to normality’ by Christmas; UK death toll rises by 114

5.39pm BST

More than 100 people will take part in the next phase of clinical trials to test a new coronavirus vaccine developed at Imperial College London, PA reports.

Work began earlier this week to vaccinate a larger number of participants to assess the optimal dosage of Imperial’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

The progression to the next phase of the trial is an important step in assessing the safety of our vaccine.Analysing blood samples for antibodies and T-cell response will provide some indication of whether our vaccine can produce an immune response to fight the virus.

5.32pm BST

A public health professor has said scrapping social-distancing measures in time for Christmas is an “enthusiastic approach that is premature” because the infection rate is still too high, PA Media reports.

Linda Bauld, a professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh, said the infection rate in the community is currently too high for this to happen.

The only way it would be possible to get rid of the 1-metre rule is if, over several months, we don’t have any Covid cases around the country.

It does seem strange to suggest we can remove all social distancing if the virus is still in the community even in small levels, and when people are flying in and out of the country. This is an enthusiastic approach that’s premature.

We might be in a better place in November but I am not optimistic. Those of us in the scientific community are worried about winter so why would they say this could happen at such a crucial period? Seems to me this is about trying to have a normal Christmas. I hope we have zero cases but we are not there yet.

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