April 19, 2021

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UK coronavirus live: pressure on England over A-level results after Scotland exams U-turn

All teacher-awarded grades to be reinstated in Scotland as pressure grows in England; Scottish football...

All teacher-awarded grades to be reinstated in Scotland as pressure grows in England; Scottish football games axed after lockdown breaches

6.39pm BST

Our health editor Sarah Boseley has written about the row over the unpublished PHE study which Gavin Williamson said backed his view that it was safe to return to school.

After reports that the study had found older children were more likely to pass the virus on, PHE said: “Evidence so far indicates that schools do not appear to be a primary driver of coronavirus infections in the community… Reports that PHE has recommended ‘tougher rules for older children’ are incorrect.”

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6.26pm BST

Here’s an extract from the Guardian’s leader on the exam results fiasco, just published:

…Nicola Sturgeon has rightly apologised on behalf of the Scottish government to pupils and on Tuesday, in an extraordinary U-turn, all the downgrades were reversed.

What a shambles. On Tuesday, the former Conservative education secretary Justine Greening described the government’s approach in England as “levelling down in action”. Failing a pre-emptive U-turn in England, mitigating action must be urgently undertaken following Thursday’s publication of results. The appeals process, only introduced last week under pressure from schools, must be made easy, broad-ranging and cheap to access. Schools should ensure the voices of families who might normally lack the self-confidence to challenge the system are heard. Too often, post-exam appeals are the province of middle-class parents who are not afraid to assert themselves.

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