May 17, 2021

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US election: early voting could reportedly fuel highest turnout since 1908 – live

Record turnout of about 150 million voters predicted Biden and Trump diverge sharply on major...

9.09pm BST

The Trump campaign has just announced the president will hold rallies early next week in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and (somewhat surprisingly) Nebraska.

Trump won Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin by less than 1 point in 2016, and recent polls show Biden pulling several points ahead in the battleground states.

8.57pm BST

The coronavirus pandemic is set to cause half a million deaths in the US by February with Covid-19 on course to ravage states across America throughout the coming winter, a new study has forecast.

More than 511,000 lives could be lost by 28 February next year, modeling led by scientists from the University of Washington found. This means that with cases surging in many states, particularly the upper midwest, what appears to be a third major peak of coronavirus infections in the US could lead to nearly 300,000 people dying in just the next four months.

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