April 19, 2021

Manly Quarantine

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US reaches 100m Covid vaccine milestone six weeks early as Fauci urges vigilance – live

Biden team says US administered 100m vaccine shots in just 58 days Fauci says US...

11.53pm GMT

Dick’s Sporting Goods is offering to outfit the NCAA women’s basketball team’s weight room with truckloads of equipment. The NCAA came under fire after female athletes shared photos and videos of comparing their weight room, meals, and amenities to that of male athletes who are living in the March Madness bubble.

Here are the differences in amenities/provisions between the Women’s & Men’s NCAA Tournament I’ve seen so far

– Weight room/equipment
– Food
– Swag Bags

Photos from: @Cpav15, @sedonaprince_, @danhenry3, @alikershner pic.twitter.com/2YfCeXaJNn

NCAA leaders address weight room, other amenities in San Antonio: https://t.co/XJrm0njBx4 pic.twitter.com/uvqcQdDALi

11.29pm GMT

The church that the man charged with killing eight people in a recent mass shooting in Georgia attended has disavowed him, the Associated Press reports. In a statement, Crabapple First Baptist Church in Milton, Georgia says that Robert Aaron Long attended the church since childhood, and his actions completely contradict the Christian values he espoused.

No blame can be placed upon the victims,” Crabapple First Baptist told the AP. “He alone is responsible for his evil actions and desires.”

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